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Strippers in Ireland have a thousand and one tales to tell. They can show you a different side of the world. Just when they thought they had seen it all, something new and exciting shows up. Stag parties and Hen Parties in Ireland can be a sordid affair. It’s not that stags and hens don’t have the opportunity to go mental every weekend. But on a stag or hen they do it for a good cause. Stronger Harder Better.

If you are on a hen do in Ireland for some reason you think that you can be do anything that pops into your mind. That reason can be alcoholic or just the fact that you are expected to act the maggot.

Stags are on the same boat. Yes you will find a good percentage that will run for the hills. And they will climb rocks navigate rivers and learn how to build a house of clay. All within the stag weekend. But the rest of the lads have different plans. Strippers, beer, more beer. Simply because going mental on a night out is not as much fun as going mental on your best friends last night of freedom.

More to follow….

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