Strippers: Our Team of Professional Dancers

Our Team – Spot on Male Strippers- Rock on Female Strippers

Our Irish Strippers are the soul of 


As our Male Dancers they have years of experience they make a fun place to work for. They are brilliant performers and they obviously treat their audience with care. They understand if the lady of honour is a shy bride to be or an all out party head. As a matter of fact they will make sure to get the necessary info from their best friends before the show. Each of our customers is unique and our dancers make sure they feel that way all the way.

Our Female Strippers are amazing ladies that have gone up done poles for thousands of miles. That is an achievement in itself. These fantastic performers come from all the exotic corners of the world. Curves and muscles go hand in hand. The eyes of the audience will never stop being amazed by the sexy routines that these flexible ladies will attack you with.


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