God loves strippers as much as tippers

Strippers in Ireland

Hard workers blessed with beauty

Whoever thinks that stripping in Ireland is easy, lives in fantasy world. There are easier careers that base passive income on beauty alone. Girls can become instafamous simply by pouting and showing their excess flesh. But strippers in Ireland have to work hard. The word hustle fits the industry like a glove. And hustling is not the same as selling hot dogs on a match day outside Croke Park. Either in a strip club or as agency strippers in Ireland, the ladies that bare it all for the sake of quality entertainment, have a few good qualities themselves. Actually, they are worth the tips that the Irish men with deep pockets and short arms seem to forget about.

Strippers need to earn the pro title, just like golfers

A professional stripogram is show. Not a flash of nude bits in your face. The strippers that make up most of the scene have worked in different establishments before they arrive at the climax of their career. The show woman that bring the crowd alive knows how to calculate her every step. Every routine is a work of art. Indeed, every move counts as the stripograms last between 15 to 20 min. So they need to make sure that every minute lasts a century. But does it really ? Just ask the ladies from stripper.ie 

Instagirls show more than strippers, but virtual reality costs more

When time is money, virtual reality is gambling time. How many times will you be sending silly DMs to the ladies that you will never see in person. How much time will you waste on a virtual show of a few seconds. The main difference between instatitties and real bossoms is that the latter will definitely land on your face.

Strippers in Ireland train every day

Yes, strippers and bodybuilders meet each other everyday at the gym. Beauty is a virtue that we seem to take for granted. But beauty is the result of a body and mind effort. One way to look at it is like a short run to catch the bus. First you realise that the next bus will come in half an hour or so. Then you decide to run. Once you have gone halfways, it’s bit silly to back down and miss the bus. As a result, strippers always try to better their last show. It’s constant fight against age and bad energy.

Strippers overcome fears the rest of us keep under wraps

Actually, there are couples that still don’t feel comfortable being in nip in front of each other, even after years of bed sharing. Why? Answer the question. Stripping is about overcoming a taboo. Who will dare to walk into a room full of strangers and be fully nude. How difficult can it be? Well, if it was that easy the nudist beaches all over the world would be full of people. There is an ancient fear that the humans of the developed world have not over come. And that’s why strip tease is an art form. Because what we can’t embrace in our daily lives we shove it in the Art & Religion category.

Is it a way to make ends meet?

Yes and no. Yes, professional strippers make a good living. But if you thin of the hours they work and the conditions of the job, then no. Like with most professions, if you are in it just for the money it will eventually come back and haunt you. Here’s a little secret, if you don’t like stripping the people you strip for won’t feel like tipping. The striptease industry is home to many students, single mothers and struggling models. Naturally, if you want to be able to back a family at a young age you will try anything. It is women that also love dancing and the stage that turn to stripping though.

Bad names? They also have them for builders

As a rule, the term cowboys is used for builders that leave the place in a mess. Indeed there amateur strippers in Ireland that will give a bad name to professional dancers that struggle hard to give consistent good performances. But you get what you pay for. If you are looking for just a pretty presence to add some extra sexy points to your party, then anything from topless waitresses to failed models will fit the profile. Dancing is a different ball game all together. Reputable stripper agencies like stripper.ie make it their priority to employ only professionals. For the rest there is Facebook, Instagram and Snap chat.

Why Stripper agencies?

Strip clubs tend to get a mix of everything. From newbies that still are finding their way around the pole to seasoned pros that know how to work the crowd like a Las Vegas Casino dealer. So it’s bit hit and miss, with the obligatory entry fee and the Ladies’ drink costing more than the actual stripograms. Most of all, the audience is also mixed. You get pervy old guys that make you feel like you are in a public urinal and there is only that middle spot available. On the other hand, stripper agencies make sure that the venue is relaxed and the crowd is up to the booker. A group of friends on stag can have their own private show without having to queue in front of a bouncer with a superiority complex.

At the end of the day if a party has to be one of a kind then the set up has to match the feeling that the organisers want to give to the place. If you want a party that many would like to copy, then speak to the stripper agents in Dublin. Dublin is the epicentre of strippers , the heartbeat of naughty people.

Whatever you do, remember to enjoy the show and not ask more than is on offer. Your support for your local strippers will return back to you in the form of good karma and good stories you can tell your grandchildren.


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