Choosing Male Strippers in Ireland – Fun times for your Hen Party

Male Strippers in Ireland – Decisions, decisions

When girls arrive at a Hen Party everything is ready months ahead of the big night out. Unlike men and stag parties, where the lads would plan everything on the way to the destination of the weekend away, hens like to have their schedule in order. Not only the accommodation and the activities are in order, but even the naughty interlude of male strippers in Ireland is already planned. As hen party specialists, our stripper agency  has a lot of options for the ladies to pick from.

Imagine a situation where instead of a professional male stripper, a random guy dressed in an overcoat shows up. Unless you are looking for a comedy act, the results would be disastrous. In a hen party one should invite only top notch sexy men. It is beyond comprehension why some hen party organiser would look for the cheapest option available. Having said that there are a lot of people that think of male strippers in Ireland as something extra. Indeed, some hen parties still think that male strippers in Ireland are not of the same quality ass their US or UK colleagues.

We can confirm that the reality could not be further than the truth. Male strippers in Ireland have done their fair share of live strip shows all over Europe. Actually a good few have taken part in international tours with the likes Hunk-o-Mania and the Dream Boyz. As a result when hen party organisers approach stripper agencies with requests for private full monty shows, the list is long. And full of pleasant surprises.

The Premier League of Male Strippers in Ireland

As in all walks of life, professional means higher quality and higher prices. When you hire male strippers from reputable crews, you will be paying a bit more. These performers have a strong presence in live shows all over Ireland. One can enjoy their performances in a busy concert hall or as part of their hen party stripogram. When hiring male strippers in Ireland, it is a good idea to ask about their background and their previous performances.

The international male strippers in Ireland

These guys are the limited editions of male strip shows in Ireland. Most of the international names will spend some time during the summer months, participating in Magic Mike themed productions. In their spare time between shows such exemplars of male beauty and showmanship are available for hire throughout Ireland. Irish Hens have better chances of booking such Male Strippers in Dublin and the east coast.

The born again Male strippers

These performers are in actual fact professional dancers. While taking part in dance productions is their priority, they are also available for hire for private events. Expect amazing dance routines and participation in a dance off is always a bonus. Ask for videos of your future booking so you can decide for yourselves if they are worth your petty cash allowance.

The sexy students – Male strippers with a PhD on the go

As one can suspect, the green colour is one of the reasons why good looking men take the male stripper badge. Irish universities have amazing talents in every direction. Indeed, some of the guys that pursue academia discover that being able to dance and take their clothes off in style pays better than a bar job. On the other hand, it is a good idea to book such talents from reliable agencies.

The freelancing male strippers in Ireland

This category is confusing even for  specialists. While there are a lot of professional strippers that offer their services online, you never know who is the real McCoy. A lot of good looking guys declare openly that they are male strippers. But are they really ? This new fashion of holding a male stripper persona in public, is making things difficult for the ladies. Just because someone has filled their Instagram account with muscles and semi nude photos that doesn’t mean that they are professional strippers. Having said that, if other ladies that have tried and tested their services recommend them, you might be onto a winner.

The Gym Boys

The discussion about who makes the best male strippers has always raged when it comes to the gym boyz. Personal trainers definitely have the better physique. If your ladies like muscles more than moves then this category of male strippers in Ireland has a lot to offer. As they are able to dead-lift a coupe of hundred pounds at one go expect to feel like ballerina. On the other hand, dancers might not have the well defined biceps and triceps, but charm goes a long way.

The Gay Male strippers

This is a tricky topic. Actually  being gay and a male stripper doesn’t change much. Sexuality doesn’t change one’s performance. At the same time if you are booking male strippers in Ireland for a gay stag it is a good idea to look at the option of getting LGBT ( or LGBT friendly male strippers).

Size matters …sometimes 😉

In the world of male striptease the Full Monty show is the grand finale of every show. At times, a shy flash of flesh and other times a helicopter flying at waist level. There are a lot of things that ladies look for when booking male strippers in Ireland. And there is always that category of ladies that insists on XXL utensils. It is not a strange request, and if and when possible, stripper agencies will send a performer that wears elephant trunks.

Buy local… but not really

At times your friends know a guy that knows a guy that knows a male stripper in the area. Initially it might seem like a good idea. Then it turns out he is your cousin. Or your cousins boyfriend. The communities in Ireland ( especially outside Dublin) are small. Everybody knows everybody and somebody will not be that happy about it. If you do decide to shop in your farmer’s market for your Full Monty, at least make sure to see the photos first.


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