Sligo Strippers? Guide for the baffled Stags

Sligo Strippers for the most unusual Stag Parties

Welcome to Sligo. Obviously if you are travelling from the Capital of the Republic you are in for a road trip. If the 6 counties are your home, then things are a bit easier. Sligo is the Stag Party Capital of the North. Strong Atlantic winds will hit under your kilts like razor blades. That, if you are going all Scottish about it. Whatever your Stag party theme, the Sligo Strippers will make sure that your activities get some extra boost.

Strippers are a must

Once you arrive in Sligo, you will find yourselves surrounded from a miriad of choices. Sligo is on the Atlantic Coasts. A small but very picturesque town indeed. As a result most of the stag party activities will be in the wild. Airsoft, Highlander Games, Golfing, Surfing. After toiling all day with a bunch of strangers, male bonding in honour of the groom is top of the agenda. So here is what you do.

Stag Night Plan in Sligo

Step 1

Book a meal in the Garavogue Bar. You will be spoilt for choice. But as you are grown men, burgers, steaks and alcohol should cover your basic protein and carbohydrate needs. They will also take care of the private area you need for your stripogram that is to follow.

Step 2

Then call

These lads have the best lasses in the whole of United Republic of Nude Ireland. Their Sligo Strippers might not be from Sligo itself. On the other hand they offer an immaculate experience. Just the exact opposite of your fantasies. With a system that involves putting together a class A strip show in Sligo, they will arrive on time. They will also offer a wide range of outfits that will eventually find their place on the floor of the pub. All that while the Stag is getting a fully nude stripogram with a decent amount of body to body friction.

Step 3

Be a good audience. Show love towards your stripper, tip and most importantly behave yourselves. Strippers in Sligo are not to be messed with. These independent West Coast ladies will make sure you know the boundaries.

And don’t forget to delete all the evidence from your phones before the wedding.


You always knew it. Strippers and politics go hand in hand. But this Sligo politician took things a bit further and made sure naughty fun was available for the masses.



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