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Stripper Lifestyle… an insight into the Kingdom of Thongs

Just like in the Thong song many moons ago, the stripper lifestyle is about provocative body movements and a feel good thing  just for the fun of it. When the sun shines on your face and there is party around the stripper lifestyle is the one that the DJs will spin their decks for. But is it all roses? Actually bringing flowers to strippers is something unusual. Just tipping them is enough. But at the same time the stripper lifestyle has inspired movies and made many women jealous of the ladies in 7 inch heels. Lately we have had a long queue of celebrities that started their performing career as queens of their local strip joints. Cardi B, Lady Gaga, Amber Rose, Carmen Electra, Anna Nicole Smith… and the list is long and full of women of all body types, backgrounds and attitudes.

So what makes the stripper lifestyle so attractive? Is it the money, money, money? Maybe its the fact that deep inside these ladies know that there are thousands of men that will dig deep to see them in the flesh? Or simply the fact that a nine to five job still paying shit money and sending normal folks first to their therapist and then to an early grave? Or maybe all these things combined?

Just coz she dances Go-Go

Exotic Dancers are the queens of their home. Behind every stripper, there is a real woman. She is the independent aunt that you always looked up to. She is the girlfriend that you were afraid to introduce to your parents. She is the school mate that you wonder how she still keeps in shape well into her forties. Just because she is a stripper, that doesn’t mean that she is not a million other things. So when we speak about stripper lifestyle we describe a lifestyle that strippers are part of. But every stripper is different. That;s what makes it so interesting. When you think that you have a good idea of what the stripping scene is about, get ready to discover a whole new world.

Stripper Lifestyle is just another lifestyle

Almost. It involves less clothing and a completely different attitude to life. Stripper lifestyle begins with a love for showing off.  A young lady  knows that she wants to become a stripper when she  starts taking off the labels from bras and thongs. Once she actually feels her best when men turn their heads as she stroll down the road she is stripper material. They could also become models. Yes if you are blessed with looks and booty you can keep your clothes on and join the modelling world. The problem is that the queue for modelling auditions is much longer than stripper auditions.

Dance your worries away

Dancing is the heart of the striptease. Even when they are walking strippers have a special pace about them. They have that air about them that says I am here and you want to be here next to me. As a matter of fact pole dancing is performance art with a huge following. Not all pole dancers are strippers, but all strippers will eventually get into pole dancing if they want to progress. A dancer that strips on stage is a stripper even for that part of her performance. To put it simply, if a stripper has two left feet and no base she ain’t a stripper.

Make the money fast & spend them even faster

Strip tease pays. Not enough to build a house though. But enough to allow for a comfortable living. When it comes to professional strippers, they can make as much money as a doctor or lawyer. But professorial means that these ladies are top of their game. Strip tease is like any other job. The more time and effort a stripper puts in the more money she can make. The more money she makes the more she spends. Sadly very few strippers have the wisdom to save and then retire. Youth and beauty are bad financial advisers. Having said that, a new Porsche is a new Porsche. And strippers don’t drive Nissan Micra.

Sex drugs and hip hop

The whole drug scene is not part of the stripper lifestyle. It is more a part of the party lifestyle. Some strippers are very much into partying all night, all day. It really depends on who you are and where do you want to be. If the dancing queens of Benidorm or Prague live on coffee and cocaine, that doesn’t mean that the strippers in Ireland do the same. Mostly the fairy tale of the stripper on drugs comes from movies like Hustlers or real life stars like Cardi B. Every good party will always needs strippers. But most good strippers don’t need drugs. There are drug queens that become strippers and there are strippers that become drug queens. The nightlife has always had drugs and strippers but they are not always part of the same package.

Body matters for body wants

Any respectable stripper has their gym membership on their key ring. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about a dancer in her 20s or 50s once you dance you need to keep in shape. Indeed from pole dancing exercise to pilates the workout covers the whole set of muscles in human anatomy. Generally, the stripper lifestyle is one of polar opposites. Nightlife partying and midday detoxing and training. It is not easy to stay focused on both. But success is about focus. The ladies focus on making the dough and the lads focus on the ladies.

Strippers with a Masters

Many students that have the looks the ambition and very little time will give bar work a miss. Flexible hours and high pay per hour are ideal for the demanding Masters programmes. Then there is the part that you might bump into your university professor. Jokes apart the student stripper lifestyle involves less partying, more working and a lot of stripping. At the end of the day when you are faced with the options of graduating on time or joining the dole queue the choice is easy to make.

The night is always young

Stripper lifestyle is about living the night to the max. The night is the time they go to work, and it is still dark when they throw their heels in their backpack. But the nightlife is full of interesting characters. The people of the night offer a wisdom the day folk take years to get it. But living the night life takes its toll even o the most hardcore party heads

Stripper Lifestyle for the masses

Anyone can become a stripper. Really once you have the confidence and the work out regime sorted you can start by stripping for your boyfriend, girlfriend or surprise everyone at the Christmas party .




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