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Male Strippers Dublin preparation guide

Sometimes, Male strippers Dublin are like a United Nations Conference. All types and sizes. But friendlier and funnier. Male strippers Dublin have a lot of trick up their sleeve to deliver a smashing show. They hit the stage with a beaming smile and all muscles pumping…yes aaaaaall of them. They have turned stripograms into fine art. Below you will find a few basic steps that can help you for birthdays , Valentine’s or other special occasions.

It’s just like putting¬† makeup on

First, Male Strippers Dublin confess, you need to shave. The hens need to see the trees in the forest, not the bushes. Do it with care and make sure to lubricate the area. You need smooth surfaces for a smooth performance. The Show is the ultimate test of self care.

Pump it up Male Stripper Style

Male Strippers Dublin flex their muscles. In the car, in the gym, in the changing room. A few push ups before the show wake up the muscle memory like a dirty photo on your external hard drive. With hard being the keyword.

Pack with care then dance like you don’t care

Male strippers Dublin do have to carry their own luggage. So what to pack? A can of cream, protein powder, baby oil, uniform, a change of socks underwear and vest. These are the bare essentials. Why? Use your imagination. Obviously towels, as testosterone needs a pat on the back. Phone charger as the Hens will want to share photos and Instagram accounts.

And love…put love for the ladies in your back pack if you want to feel like male stripper…even for a few seconds.

Music is the way to a hens soul

Male strippers Dublin love Samba, Hip Hop, and sometimes they listen to Lyric Fm on the way to a gig. It what gets those hips going, what gets the mood right for some Male stripper healing.


Not that relevant to the Male strippers Dublin show….but running out of fuel on the M50 has turned many a hen into an angry bird of prey. So Male Strippers Dublin advise, make sure your tank is full. And your trunk loaded.


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