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How to book  Surprise Strippers

for your Hen & Stag Party and More

Tired of searching for strippers in Ireland? Surprise strippers are the best idea for your party. We can explain to you how to book a stripper in Ireland without getting a headache. The best season for fishing and hen and Stag parties is summer. The Irish Summer doesn’t get everybody down to the beach. But it does get everybody to something better. The beer gardens. And you will need strippers for the party. So in order to get your strippers at the right price and quality, follow our simple instructions.

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Check out the photos of our Professional Strippers

We have a good mix of professional photos and photos taken from our happy Hen & Stag Parties all over Ireland. What you see is what you get.

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Get in touch

Are you the shy kind ? So why not sent us a contact form and we will contact you back straight way. Click on the WhatsApp / links. We have professional agents that will not only book for you the right performer but will discuss all the details of your banging party with you.

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Let's choose your Surprise Strippers Together

We will advise you on the hottest things to do on your party.

We also book activities, live drawing classes.. the list is long. And you can slot your surprise Stripper anytime of the day.

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Then ...provide you with the list of performers available in your area

We cover the whole of Ireland. Have a look at our locations list

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Also, book a venue for your Surprise Stripper performance at no extra cost

We live by the night and have a long list of contact in bars, clubs, beauty salons and more.

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And discuss with you the perfect scenario for your surprise stripper performance.

French Maid or Dominatrix? Policeman or Dancing Gorilla. We have original act professionally choreographed that aim to fit the style of your party and turbo boost the fun factor.

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Get the money bit right

We take a minor deposit to cover for travelling costs and incidental . You can do it online , or Call us at 086 125 7264 for alternative methods of payment ....but we don't do IOU 🙂



What are surprise strippers

…important notes 

If you want to leave a lasting memory to someone you make sure it is a surprise. As well as that you make sure that it is not something that will make them keep a grudge against you. So choose your performer carefully.

Think of your friends special needs. What is she or he into. You can always consult their partner if they are open minded. Make sure that all the boys or the girls in the hen or stag party are in. You would hate to deal with a moaner when the rest of you are having fun. Decide carefully on the Full Monty or Fully nude show. Take into account people’s sensitivities. If you think that the sausage roll is a bit too much. Or if you think that a baby oiled exotic dancers would cause a stir in  the crowd….. Well just make to skip the baby oil. All our dancers shine without any extra lubrication. And make sure to laugh. Laughter heals broken hearts 😉