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Male and Female Strippers Nationwide

Who are the Female Strippers that want to be a part of the stripper.ie? Courage and charm combined with an exemplary physique. You need to have a high level of stamina. Dancing is the main part of this role. Role playing is the backbone of the performance. Looks are important, but personality goes a long way.

Our Strippers will be the highlight the stag parties and birthday parties all over Ireland. We need female strippers that are not only the cherry on the cake, but the whole cake ! We offer excellent rates for talented female strippers. At the same time, we  provide driver and transportation to all our dancers. Obviously,

Working as Female Stripper in Ireland

Stripper.ie will welcome to our Team any professional dancers with proven record of live performances.  You will need to know how to handle different audiences. Additionally we would expect that you update your choreography regularly, under the guidance of our resident Artistic Director.

Working with Stripper.ie  is a major step forward for any dancers that aspire to boost their portfolio in the field.


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