Types of Strippers in Dublin – The Cream of the Crop

Types of Strippers in Dublin

Considerations for Stag Parties and Birthday Boys

Strippers in Dublin come in all shapes or forms. But Stripper.ie only employs those that keep both in perfect condition. And know how to dance!

Every country has some things the local tribes are proud of. If you go to Mexico you know you are  going to find good Tequila and loads of mariachis. If you go to Paris you will have loads of rude people that don’t speak English and a big steel erection in the middle of everything. Ok. You can find that in Dublin too.

What about strippers?

Things are a bit different. While there are common types of strippers in each and every part of the world, you will find local specific breeds too. In every city there is a deadly mix of the types of Strippers. A bit like an American cocktail bar. The menu is longer than your house contract. The trends in stripping change with time and the movement of people. Dublin Strippers have a few interesting categories that we will attempt to pinpoint. Obviously we will try to be as precise as possible.

The International Strippers

You will find these particular lady strippers in the City Centre. They tend to work for high end gentlemen’s clubs and strip joints. Stunning looks and professional performances paired with an acute business mind are the main traits here. These exotic dancers appear and disappear regularly from Dublin. Expect spectacular fully nude shows at premium dollar. These ladies change city every 6 months. So get them while on offer.

The Local Strippers in Ireland

Dubbed as the Dub. Aka Tallafornia lady stripper. These Strippers in Dublin are Dublin born and bred. Naturally expect heavy Dublin accents and a no bullshit approach. If you were on 21st Birthday Party from 2001 onwards, chances are you have met them live. Or in your face. Butt first tits after. Most of the Strippers in Dublin that are Irish come from areas that do not try to copy the British accent. Rough, tough and ready to go. Expect freckles, Irish Colleen styled beauty and heavy make up. Fully nude as usual.

The Latina Strippers

These Strippers arrived in Ireland in the last few years. They brought with them playlists of Samba and Reggaeton. They also introduced longer lapdances and encouraged participation from the stags. Well defined curves, especially in the derriere department. Furthermore butt implants are part of the outfit. They tend to have a liking for sensual friction maneuvers which make the Irish lads highly uncomfortable. Working mainly for agencies as they don’t like being tied down to a club, you will find these exotic beauties ideal for Stag Parties.

The Girls of the East

Blonde, tall, blue eyed and with sexy accents. These ladies come from lands famous for the good looking genes. From the depths of Russia to Romania and Hungary these dancers bring to Dublin a shameless type of striptease. Expect full frontal nudity from the very beginning. As a matter of fact, you will be surprised at the choice of attires. Fishnet tights and colorful hats bring the 80s back in Dublin. They display a sassy and in your face attitude. On the other hand they are known for their short temper and army training. So keep your hands to yourselves.

The acrobat strippers

You will find these flexible strippers in the Capital and around big cities in Ireland. Most comfortable when on the pole, expect them to lock your head between their thighs with ninja skills. Their shows are as delightful as a circus performance. But definitely not as funny. Beware, as  you might end up with minor back injuries. But the nude shows are worth the sacrifice.

The Yummy Mummy brigade

Experience is the key word here. These are mature show girls that have years of show time on their back. Since they have done more motorboats than the Dublin Port, they know how to press the right buttons and make the crowd go wild. And they manage that within the first minute. We are talking about dancers that are mature. Just like the apples in November. Just like in the case of the apples the first wrinkles also mean extra sweetness. Also they know how to fill their g-strings with banknotes. So keep loads of tenners at hand.

The Wannabe Strippers in Dublin

Mainly inexperienced young lasses blessed with good looks. They think that graduating from the Salsa Academy gives them the right to declare openly that they are strippers. Sadly most of these young ladies go through a stripper phase to boost their instagram following. Simply put these young ladies are lazy. Indeed, they would become proficient strippers if they spend more time in the gym and less time taking selfies. Expect mediocre performances and loads of drama. ( PS: Stripper.ie does not stock this particular model.)

The Burlesque Ladies

Easily recognisable from the tassels on their nipples, they reside in the arty part of Stripper Land. No full nudity here but they make it up with their arty stripograms. The Burlesque Scene is up and coming in Ireland. So expect more and more agencies offering pin up dolls. Fancy shmancy and not even a nipple at sight.  Each to their own.

The Students Strippers

Here we are dealing with the girl around the corner phenomenon. Actually most of these strippers in Dublin will be coming in and out of busy libraries during the week. Expect committed strippers but shy performances. Some of these ladies turn out to be amazing dancers. As they have clear goals in their life they make up for their shyness with punctuality and hard work. Plus being at the prime of their youth helps by itself.

The hippster strippers

These Strippers are growing trend in Dublin. Expect dreads and colorful hair. Also tattoos and piercings covering most of their beautiful bodies. Expect playlists with music from Pulp Fiction and Deep House tracks. They might show up with a vegan burger in their purse. Such performances appeal to the younger stags and birthday boys.

The Lady Boy Strippers

Stripper.ie does not stock this variety. The silicon based balconies are most of the time perfect. Now the downstairs department is a bit of jackpot. But hey it’s a free world and if you want to relive your last holidays in Thailand in Dublin time … Sure the garden is full of flowers.

The BBW Strippers

These ladies are meant for those stags that either want to play a prank on the groom or just know him too well. If you think the bigger the better, then you are in for a whole lot of love. The BBW motorboat can suffocate the average man. So for training purposes get your airbag going. This way you will get a feel for the big big surprise that is the BBW stripogram.

As you might have suspected, all the colours of the rainbow are present in Dublin scene. So make sure you pick the right performance for the right occasion. When it comes to food and strippers there is no right or wrong. Just good and bad. Stripper.ie provides good, very good strippers in Dublin and Ireland….But only if you are good boys 😉




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