DIY Stag Party in Ireland : Strippers Dummies Guide

Strippers in Ireland: Stags Parties  for Dummies

Stag Parties in Ireland

Your favourite Strippers in Ireland will guide you on how to make Stags simple and fun. The main reason for this Dummies Stag Guide is the fact that strippers are the ones that know the Stag Party scene better than anyone else. Think of it. Who goes to the apartments that the lads rent for the weekend. The Strippers. And who knows each Bar and Club in town better than the barman himself. Obviously the strippers. These professional exotic dancers are an integral part of the Stag party shenanigans. They see the good, the bad, the ugly and……( drumroll) The amazing rip off system that some not so professional establishments have in place.

Stags can trust the supreme knowledge of the Stag Party Strippers in Ireland. Or book their stag through a reputable Stag Party Organiser.  As a rule reputable companies charge reputable rates. Each company has a long list of locations, activities, places to see and things to do. Naturally, the stags will wonder about which activities they want to do most. Where can they have the most fun? Is Carrick on Shannon the place to be? Or maybe just another busy town where one will be lost and find his friends back in Dublin.

The other option is to listen the wise advice of our Strippers. Here it goes:

Stag party locations in Ireland

As you might have thought…There is a sea of Stag Party opportunities if you choose Ireland as your Stag Land. We will include a detailed guide of Locations in the near future. In the meantime, here are our top 3 destination for a DIY Stag Party.

Carrick on Shannon is indeed so last year. The town has become too busy for its own good. On the other hand if you got only one night for your stag it is ideal. Top attractions include Murtagh’s Bar, the Booze Cruises and the strippers Carrick on Shannon has plenty.

Dublin. If you are going for a DIY Stag, Dublin is perfect.  You can arrange for an amazing tour of Dublin in a party bus. Then hit Temple Bar and after doing a couple of the pubs you might head to the Brazen Head. As it is the oldest pub in Dublin. And enjoy the live Irish music there. There are also walking tours if history is your thing. Naturally Strippers Dublin has plenty and you just need to time the stripper performance well. Early afternoons or after dinner works best. If you are looking for memorabilia you might want to skip the touristy shops and get some handcrafted goodies in the open markets around the city. Leave that for Sunday.

The Wild Atlantic Way. Stag Parties in Galway will enjoy the promenade and the arty life. Westport Stag parties will enjoy the fresh seafood and rock climbing. Sligo Stags will gather in the Garavogue Bar to watch the match and share gossip. Then the Strippers will arrive. Or you can book one of Strippers in Sligo and the West of Ireland. It depends on how busy we are. Whatever you do, a Stag near the Wild Atlantic Way is full nature. So you better bring some trekking shoes with you.


Honestly our Strippers don’t know how hoteliers manage to charge up to 150 for a twin box , room only. So when choosing the gaff for the stag Dublin strippers price is the main concern. Bigger groups might find AirBnB handy. And there is a similar service from Tripadvisor. Big hotels, on the other hand, offer the late bar and the late night lobby chit chat in return for 3 digit prices.

Stag Activities

Most Stag activities involve packing everything into a two-day busy schedule. Dublin strippers beg to differ. If you are bringing a group of lads together for a weekend you should allow them to meet and get to know each other. What’s the point of getting them to rush from one end of town to the other and one venue to another? So if you are going to do activities go oldschool. Play a game of golf, go go karting. Also paintballing is fun. But one activity per day of roughly two hours is more than enough. Then take it easy and rest till the late afternoon.

Party into the Night: Beware of your own stupidity

Almost every weekend our Dublin Strippers will refuse a gig because the Stag can’t stand. Or walk or talk. While it might be fun to do rounds of shots while sipping bubbly, life is not Instagram. Going wild is part of every stag party but make sure that you can walk. This way you can go wild in more than one places. Leave the heavy drinking for after 12. It is a safe bet, as by then, everybody has had fun. If does turn out that the taxi and kebab treatment is needed then so be it. But losing half of the crew at 8 pm is a damn right pity.

Strippers in Ireland

Your stag party organiser probably does have strippers in the package. In Dublin Strippers are easy to come by. But if you are looking for a stripper in Donegal or Killarney you need to book in advance. Also, make sure to time it well and not spoil the surprise. Try early afternoon stripograms. The bars are not that busy then and can offer  a space for the show. And think practically. Would you really want a lap dance after a steak and chips dinner? It is easy for our Strippers to perform acrobatics. But think what will the stag do when he will face a butt in his face after that delicious garlic sauce.

For more advice on the Dummy Guide for Stag Parties please contact us on our hotline!

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