Strippers Cork For Hen and Stag Parties

Strippers Cork: Hen Party, Stag Party, Any Party

With Strippers Cork is the type of Rebel City you want for your Stag Party or Hen Party. River Lee splits the city in two and both sides have a lot to offer to a group of lads and lasses that want to party hard. Cork is a bit of a drive unless you live in Munster. Limerick and Kerry party heads choose Cork as it is only 1.5 hours drive away from their back garden. In any case Cork is well worth the drive.

Cork Accommodation for Stags and Hens

Cork prices are reasonable. The Hotels have ongoing offers to attract Stag and Hens and the rented accomdation scene is also bearable. A five bedroom apartment can go as cheap as €130 per night on AirBnB so loads of cash for the bar bill right there for the Stags and Hens. Cork Strippers are available for home delivery in any Cork City and County areas. The Stripper at home option is much more practical as most Cork Venues are not that stripper friendly.

Party Hot Spots Cork Strippers recommend

Actually Cork rivals Dublin when it comes to clusters of pubs 5 min walk from each other. Our Cork Strippers would highly recommend the Washington Village area. There you will find the Soho, The Classic, Long Island, The Bailey, Reardens and Havana Browns. This is very near Patrick Street. All the pubs are ideal for Stags and Hens, with almighty Rebel craic and live music every weekend. Also the Oliver Plunkett Street area is full of busy bars. Note here that the Old Oak is one of the friendliest places in Cork. The Bodega is good spot to finish your night. Get you dancing shoes on.

How to waste time with a Stag or hungover

A walk around Cork City won’t leave you disappointed. Indeed, The English market is a good place to try local delicacies. On the other hand if you are up for a walk and burning some beer calories the steep St. Patricks hill will offer your calf muscles  top notch spinning class pain.

Male Strippers Dublin vs Female Strippers Dublin

Luckily our company provides both options. Either as a special surprise for your hen and stag, or as a Birthday Party Present, Strippers Cork are here to lend a helping hand. Book your Strippers in advance to avoid disappointment.

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