Strippers Westport: Atlantic Hens and Stags

Strippers Westport: Seafood and Atlantic Adventures

Westport is the main destination in Co Mayo for Hen Parties and Stag Parties. For our Strippers Westport is a base where they can perform, sample the best seafood in Ireland and enjoy the fresh air of the Atlantic shores. Westport is a picturesque town on the Wild Atlantic Way. Naturally is full of charming venues, classy restaurants and companies that offer a multitude of ocean based activities. On the other hand the woods of County Mayo offer an amazing opportunity for trekking and forest explorations. As a result, a Hen Party or Stag Party in Westport offers a brilliant opportunity for partying and keeping fit.

Where to Stay in Westport

Westport is popular with the Irish and International tourists. Indeed there isn’t a tourist guide that doesn’t refer to Westport as a must see location. As the area is busy, especially during the summer, Hen parties and Stag Parties need to make up their mind well in advance. The accomodation prices are on a par with Galway and Dublin. But that is valid as far as hotels are concerned. A twin room in any of the hotels in Westport will set you back €60-€100 pp. The AirBnB market is not as developed and you will find some rare gems. The last time our Strippers in Westport had a look, a cottage accommodating up to 10 guests was at €200 per night.

Hen and Stag Party Hot Spots Westport Strippers recommend

Westport is a late pinter. So things get going after 10 pm. Our Strippers in Westport recommend the Jester Bar as a prime spot of gathering for bothe Hen and Stag parties. A traditional Hen or Stag Pub Crawl in Westport can also  include Bourkes on Castlebar St. The West, Cosy Joes and Henehans on Bridge St. Matt Molloy’s is a tricky one. Strippers in Westport know it well as most of the Stags and local lads would occupy the majority of the club. So if a Hen Party looking for some late night flirtation is up for the craic, it is a good spot to collect admiration. For a more classy hen with bubbly, salsa and live music you could hit up any of the hotel lounges. Clew Bay Hotel on  James St and Tom’s Wine bar are made for candle light and gossip.

Male Strippers Westport and Female Strippers Westport

Our company offers professional stunning performers for your Stag Party or Hen Party needs. For our Male Strippers Westport is the destination asking for their wetsuits and stripper uniforms to be packed together.

With our Lady Strippers Westport Stag Parties become the equivalent of Atlantic City parties. Say no more. offers :

A guarantee for  the venue, the professional male or female stripper and an original outfit of your choice. We also bring with us top of the range sound equipment to rock your party.

Either as a special surprise for your hen and stag, or as a Birthday Party Present, Strippers Westport are here to lend a helping hand. Book your Strippers in advance to avoid disappointment.

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