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County Tipperary Strippers : Stags and Birthdays

The Tipperary Strippers can tell you that without Tipperary there would be no Bulmers. Imagine that. A hot day in the Irish summer without that delicious goodness. Locally, Bulmers enjoys the name of “lunatic soup”. After 6 of them in a row, Stag Parties in Tipperary know why. The County Tip bhoys will always make sure to have their fill before heading out to drink some more. It maybe the stereotype of the Irish Farmer, or just the reality. County Tipperary is famous for GAA and country bars. So, when stag parties head into the wilderness of this county, they will be competing with some expert pint lifters.

Strippers in Tipperary tend to keep a low profile. You will not hear their stilettos hitting the streets of Clonmel or Thurles with anger. Nor you will notice their leather attire under the comfy raincoats. But rest assured you can hire a professional stripper in Tipperary in a jiffy. If you are a local lad sending a stripper as a birthday present to your buddy for his birthday, you will appreciate the relaxed style of our performers. On the other hand as you might need a hand in the farm, we have the perfect Dolly Parton to make hay with you. If you are looking for special assets we definitely can up the game in the right direction.

Never Never Land can be very sexy

Drumbane is the equivalent of the Alps for Tipperary. Situated “the f… away from everything” it is ideal for active stags that want to build muscle mass quickly. The other option is to call a few of our Tipperary strippers to perform in one of the locals. Try to be discreet though…this the Irish Countryside and the local priest might be in the pub. Try the coach yard, but not during match day. Actually during match day it is ok to drink 6 packs while listening to the match through the sound system of a local pub.

Tipperary Strippers can guide you in your pursuit of stag party perfection. Actually they will tell you straight up, that it doesn’t exist. In County Tipperary you have the option of nature by day and monster by night. The County is full of people that will drink a bar dry and will not take lightly to personal jokes.

If you want to skip the “drinking like a local” activity, there is paragliding 30 miles outside Clonmel. For the brave and the beautiful only. Just like our Tipperary Strippers.

If your party is heading to Clonmel you will be spoiled for choice of venues. Try Phil Carroll’s and the Railway Bar for a traditional Irish Bar experience. Then if you are still up for more…well in Clonmel there is only O’Keefe’s ( part of the Hearn Hotel). A late night bar/club that has a reputation for allowing you to be a teenager among teenagers. God will help you and Jesus will weep…from laughter.

We are always accepting last minute bookings so please don’t think its too late give us a call.


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