County Tipperary Male Strippers : The Hens in the far far West

Tipperary Male Strippers

The town of Clonmel is famous for greyhounds, rabbits and Tipperary Male Strippers. All at the same time.  Also Bulmers and the breathtaking views of the Co. Tipp lush countryside. This is the reason why so many Hen parties or girlie crews choose it as their home away for mischief.At the same time the prices of this part of the Emerald Isle are super friendly.  If your Hen party has a gambling spirit, the Greyhound stadium is an activity worth your while. Nothing like betting on the ability of a dog to touch with his nose a scared little rabbit.

Now, you will think that it’s totally unfair to scare the living light out of the poor creatures. But hey, there is also Halloween and Trick-and-Treat. So if that’s your belief we dare you to not scare the children of the neighbours. Even those that religiously aim with their ball at your gardening masterpieces.

For the record our Tipperary Male Strippers can assure you one thing. Actually  the hares or rabbits are not hurt during this ancient game. If you want to dress up like Playboy Bunnies you can head to Semple Stadium – our Tipperary male strippers will  be there too. They will be able to provide a totally professional Full Monty service aimed at embarrassing the bride-to-be. Simultaneously they will persuade you to put your dancing shoes on and even teach you a few basic tricks of the trade. Honestly, you will be able to put to shame the local ladies with their line dancing moves. And why not? You will end up shaking your booty better and harder than the Hen party next to you.  Nothing like a bit of county rivalry during a Hen Party in Tipperary.

My hen party is better than yours kinda thing

Then the Tipperary Male Strippers will drive through roads with grass in the middle to bring their smiles and original Fireman, Policeman or Cowboy outfits to another unsuspecting ladies night out. For ladies that want to book a cottage and do the whole staycation hen do, there are plenty of Buff Butlers to play party games with you and make you blush.

Last but not least, out Tipperary Male Strippers would like to lend you a word of advice: the Irish countryside has an amazing choice of traditional bars. You will find there homely meals, freshly brewed brews and the mighty aul’ craic. You will also find friendly locals that will bore you to death with endless tales of bygone important events.

Obviously, they will like to know your whole life story and in exchange will share the happenings of the last few hours with you. The latter might take a few hours. Thus be kind, firm and slightly tipsier than you normally are. The countryside nightclubs are mainly home to people half your age. Just in case your single hens in your party would like to try a different coup for the night it is a good practice to ask for ID. Just joking 🙂 Seriously though, our Tipperary Male Strippers do not recommend late night clubbing unless you’re legless.

We are always accepting last minute bookings so please don’t think its too late give us a call.

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