Paddy’s Day sexy outfits for strippers in Ireland

Strippers in Ireland turn green

In Ireland, Paddy’s Day is a day of joy and Guinness fuelled  fun, even for strippers. You might think that strippers in Ireland take a day off on the unofficial national holiday of the country. But no, that’s not the case. Some professions never rest. Bartenders, A&E personnel and strippers are as busy as the Tokyo metro of 7 am in the morning. Since the Irish are great supporters of revelry and celebrations, their naughty side will come out and say hello. Especially after the keen consumption of half the supply of the Irish breweries. Our female strippers will be busy showing off their shiny green bikinis and shamrock tassels to the Irish lads, that in turn will be consuming even more of the national dish of Ireland. Indeed it is going to be a long day for the fermentation industry. Since women in Ireland partake in the

Paddy’s Day Celebrations – Make way for the Green Brigade

All over the world, Paddy’s Day, or St’ Patrick’s Day is an occasion for a lot of people wearing shamrocks to hit the streets. From Dublin all the way to Japan, the world turns green for a day. Green Lights adorn the Sydney Opera House and the White House fountain turns green in honour of a Saint that got rid of the snakes and persuaded the Irish to abandon their pagan ways. Actually not all the pagan traditions got lost. The Irish have a reputation for bringing the party anywhere they go. For the boys it’s a good match, beer and strippers. For the girls it is more about chit-chat catching up and if there is a birthday girl in the party, a male stripper is on order.

One thing though, that screams Paddy’s Day from miles away is the colour green. And the funny yet dazzling outfits that the revellers wear. It is like looking at a sea of shamrocks, St. Patrick outfits, Leprechauns, Fairies and shamrock shaped glasses. Our strippers follow the green trend with much delight and have a full wardrobe to satisfy the green eyed monsters.

So what kind of outfits do strippers put on stage for the Green Drinking Day?


“Kiss me I am Irish” panties and trunks


Well when it comes to panties or thongs, strippers will choose the green variety with some naughty message on them. The classic one for female strippers in Ireland is the “pot of gold” message on the front gate position. Nothing like a pot of gold to keep the lads tipping for the night. As one might suspect this is top quality Leprechaun gold that disappears  in 15 min or so, together with the strippers.

For the male strippers the trunks have to be green and some of the lads will paint their Monty green. Having said that the hen parties that visit Ireland on Paddy’s day will never forget the green snake that escaped the wrath of St Patrick.

Other popular phrases are “póg mo thóin” position on the back entrance and “spank me I’m Irish” at the same place.

Shamrock Tassels

Nothing says I’am Irish bePaddy's Day Stripperstter than a pair of shamrocks on a pair of well formed balconies. I suppose it adds a bit of much needed decency to the madness that is Paddy’s day. But at the same time draws a good bit of attention to a a good bit of inspirational material.

A throw back to the times when nudity had a religious purpose, such fine accessories just add to the fun of the day. On a sunny day in March, the people of Ireland, or those lucky enough to call themselves Irish, will definitely find many ways to cause havoc and bring smiles to the faces of their grumpy fellow humans.

The sexy Leprechaun

hire midgets Ireland

This pretty drunk and mischievous being, is related to the goblin variety, but is better looking and not as evil. Male strippers have ready fake beards, hats and matching waistcoats. But no one impersonates better this character than the little people. Indeed, performing midgets in Ireland are always busy guiding groups of tourists from pub to pub. It is amazing how such little people are able to drink the equivalent of their body weight in pints. Practice makes perfect and perfection comes at a cost.

At the same time stag party goers should not be surprised to find female leprechauns in stockings paying them a visit.

The sparkling green stilettos

Strippers all over Ireland will dig out those green high heels. They a necessary part of Paddy’s Day Stripograms, and a useful tool to teach misbehaving men a lesson. They usually come in combination with green or golden suspenders that make those Irish curves stand out.

The Stripper Fairies

Fairies are not be messed with. Even the ones that offer stripograms. Think of it as a challenge, try not to act like a 5 year old for 15 min and the sexy “fayre” will offer you a special treat.

St Patrick as male stripper

Some might find the idea of a male stripper showing up for a Full Monty show in a St Patrick uniform a bit insulting. But is it really OK to be blind drunk on O’Connell Street holding a cross in one hand and a pint in the other. Probably not. But everybody has a joke and a laugh with good old Paddy in bishops garments. So when it comes to a male stripper doing the same thing, why the shock?

Whatever your preferences, be rest assured that the best agency in Ireland for spicy entertainment will make sure to find the right outfit for your Paddy’s day fantasies. Sometimes, just the right t-shirt and a top hat will do the trick. In many occasions, a traditional outfit such as a policewoman or dominatrix will be able to grab the attention of the crowds.

Whatever you do on Paddy’s day, make sure to have a ball. You definitely need a night that is worth the hangover 😉

Right ?



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