Male Strippers Dress Code – Fantasy vs Reality

How to dress like male strippers … and get away with it

There is a misconception when it comes to male stripper attire. Most ladies that do the usual Hen Party pilgrimage in Dublin, Kilkenny or Carrick on Shannon, expect someone straight out of a movie set. But the reality is a bit different. Male Strippers do not wear make up or have a personal designer with a Hollywood address.

The Irish Male strippers are like your good looking neighbors. You want to go and say hi but you know that can be just weird. So you keep admiring him every time he comes in and out of the apartment block and share a few giggles with your mates.  One thing that will catch your attention is definitely the stylish presence. Male strippers are men that take care of themselves first and foremost. You do need some kind of self love to be able to deal with the stage at a daily basis. But do they wear Gucci & Armani. Or do your male strippers shop from Penneys. Primark or High Street, style is something that requires a good bit of cultivation. But what are the key items in the closet of a Male Stripper.

Just like Elvis and James Dean … jeans make the man

Not any type of jeans though. Male strippers prefer blue jeans that are a bit stretchy a bum friendly. As it is clear that this game is all about the base, jeans with loose fittings that hug gluteus maximus and minimus are the uniform of the industry. Obviously you are looking for jeans that fit well and are easy to put on and take off.  The dancers love matching them with black boots or shiny formal shoes. But the most important aspect is the image. Good boys and rebels without a cause, will wrap their lower body physique in Levi’s and H&M. Button-fly is better than zip-fly, as they fly faster. The guys will hold competitions about how fast they can whip them out. Also the material is important. You need light jeans. as this way you get a flag effect.

White t-shirt for simplicity and style

When you want to show off the contents of the package, the package has to be quite modest. When it comes to t-shirts, white or cream are the colors of the shows. Male strippers will preform with the lights down low, so the white and blue contrast is very eye catching. A tight flexible t-shirt will highlight the biceps and triceps. Male strippers buy simple, well fitted but inexpensive t-shirts. Since they get ripped quite often, there is no point in getting a Versace t-shirt.

Black Boots for the hard working men

Male stripper routines have a good few acts that involve boots. Black boots, used by the army, police or the construction industry are ideal. They match well with a lot of outfits and can even work well with a 2 piece suit. CAT and black Timberland’s, are a bit heavy but add a lot of style to a fireman or Army routine. Ankle length boot are the best as you can dance in them with loosely tied laces. As a result you can take them off easily. The other aspect involves the grip of the shoe. You cannot afford to wear shoes that slip easily. Builder’s boots are non slip. You can lift a compressor or a medium sized lady with those bad boys on.

Trunks for Hunks

There is this school of Male stripping that still holds g-strings to high esteem. Let’s face it. Men in G-Strings look funny, not sexy. Try it at home. Get your boyfriend to wear a g-string. Then tell us if you found it remotely sensual. Male Strippers like wearing trunks because they are comfortable to dance in. If you are packing a respectable instrument, you would want to be comfortably displaying the bulge without being too corny. Calvin Klein, Aussie Bum, Polo, Ralph Lauren are some of the brands you will find under the male strippers outfits.

Jewelry and Props

Most Male strippers avoid jewelry on stage. It is an extra hazard.  Chains can snap, bracelets can get lost and rings can get caught in clothing. The standard decorations that you will find on male strippers are piercings and tattoos. Nipple piercings and well thought of sleeves can make a lasing impression.

Shirts and ties for gentlemen

Actually a good few acts have a sales person or a business man in them. The ladies love the transformation from gentleman to bad boys.  While tuxedos and waistcoats add style and boost their profile on stage, the shirts are extremely important. Here the guys go for slim fitted shirts, always long sleeves as it makes the undressing part more like a ritual. On the other hand, the length of the shirt is important. Shirts that are too long are difficult to take off.

Ideally the dancers should be able to take them off and make them fly with style and ease. The last thing you need is a shirt the size of black bin bag landing on the stage. When it comes to brands, Micheal Corrs and Oxford shirts are top of the range. Their price is usually medium range and they have a good selection of colors to choose from. The more sophisticated male strippers will go for Armani or tailor made shirts.

Flags and knee pads

Indeed the Full Monty show required some type of flag or banner to cover the finally naked muscles. Since some of the acrobatics that male strippers venture into involve landing on the hard surface, knee pads are a must. You can find a great selection any sports stores. The important thing is to be able to wear them well. On the other hand the choice of flags needs a bit more work. You need to understand how sensitive is the audience towards a certain flag. For example wearing a union jack in Ireland would not go down very well. Flags of remote and exotic countries add a bit of mystery to the show. Brazil, Argentina, Italy tend to get a good reception. Using the banner of the group is also a good choice as it does wonders for brand promotions.

Finally, one of the most important aspects of the dressing room of male strippers is the style that they adopt. You can wear all the above and still look like an amateur. If you want to have the male stripper air and charisma, then your style should be consistent. Last but not least, confidence and cheekiness are integral part of the attire. And there is no brand that can offer that.

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